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Tools appear to facilitate people's lives. The use cases of our products are not limited to indoor, outdoor or traveling. They also have more ways to use them. Take the electric stair chair as an example, in addition to being used for people who are constantly moving in the home to go up and down the stairs, it can also be used to evacuate and transport injured people in public places.

1.Rent: There are different models of mobility and wheelchair like folding, lightweight, compact, heavy-duty, high-back. Our product accessories range from frame materials, batteries, motors, wheels, seats to controllers. High quality stands for durability and is ideal for rental.


Heavy-duty Scooter for Rent

2. Hospital: Many patients are very weak, and it is difficult for caregivers to move them. That's when you need the help of a resident transfer. It maximizes the productivity of caregivers and reduces their work intensity. There are two kinds of our patio lifts, one is electric and the other is hydraulic. You can choose the model that suits you according to your own situation.


Folding Manual Wheelchair

3. Public: Public means that there are a lot of people in a certain space. If an accident occurs at this time, such as a fire, the crowd needs to be evacuated. If there are elderly or disabled people in the crowd, evacuation will become more difficult, especially when they are on a high floor. At this point you may need a stair climbing wheelchair. Our mobile stair lift EXC-3002 just need one people operation. Its weight capacity is 169KG. One charge can climb 3500 steps.

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